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Frequently Asked Questions


How will Reflection Bay Realty market my property?

Through the use of unique and effective marketing techniques. Some of these marketing techniques include signage, print media, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and other online marketing such as


How should I prepare my home for showings?

It is very important that the exterior and the interior of your property be in the best possible shape for showings in order to demand top dollar. Curb appeal can heavily determine whether or not a potential buyer decides to view your property in the first place. Take the time to de-clutter and remove personal items as much as possible from the interior to allow potential buyers to see themselves in the space


What is going to help sell my home quickly?

Pricing your property accurately using professional market analysis can help place you in a strong negotiating position. We at Reflection Bay Realty can help to determine the right price for your home.


Why should I hire a Real Estate agent when I can sell my home myself?

Selling a home requires knowledge of the local real estate market as well as knowledge in pricing, staging, marketing, advertising, negotiating and legal requirements. There is a lot involved prior, during and after your house is listed and sold. For most people, their home is their largest investment and as a result it is usually best to hire a professional to ensure that you get top dollar in the least amount of time while ensuring that your rights are protected.


Should I be present during showings or open houses?

While of course you are entitled to be present, there are several reasons why sellers are not encouraged to stay at home during showings or open houses. The main reason is to allow potential buyers to freely view the property and openly discuss any likes or dislikes. When homeowners are present it is difficult for potential buyers to imagine the property as their future home and the buyers may directly ask personal questions of you which could adversely affect future negotiations.


What are the costs associated with buying a home?

Typically sales commissions are not the responsibility of a Buyer but rather the responsibility of the Seller. However, there are some costs you need to consider as a buyer which include land transfer tax, property inspection, deed or mortgage registration, legal fees and disbursements, closing adjustments, home and property insurance, moving expenses and utility connection charges. You may also want to budget for any repairs that may be needed upon possession of the property.


Should I buy first and then list my home or sell first and then buy?

There are pros and cons to both. It's always best to speak to a Real Estate Professional to discuss your current situation and decide together what the best approach will be.

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